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Complimentary Valuation in Rogers

Why should you get a complimentary valuation in Rogers? According to rockethomes.com in March 2023, it’s currently a seller’s market. If you want to list your home, this could be the ideal time to do so! The median price of a sold home in the area is $381,250, which is an increase of $81,269 or 27.1% from last year. Houses are on the market for an average of 83 days. 242 were listed last month, and 58 were sold.

You should know ahead of time what your house is worth before listing it on the market. Too many people rush into sales without taking the time to conduct the proper research and the like. Simply looking at your home as it stands is one of the most important steps that you can take. You’ll see firsthand what this means, as well as how you could list and sell for more money!

An evaluation could help you considerably. Factors that play into your home’s value when it comes to these matters include the square footage inside and outside of the property, its age and any age-related issues that may need to be addressed to bring it up to code, and local school zoning information. Even if you don’t have kids attending classes, school scores are a key factor that impacts appreciation and resale values.

What do you need to know when it’s time to sell your house and set a price for it? Consider any changes or upgrades you’ve made to improve the property from how it once was. These may be costly, but they can benefit you in the long run and pay for themselves many times over. Call today for a free consultation if you’re serious about pricing and selling your home soon.

Rogers Official: https://www.rogersar.gov/

  • A complimentary valuation in Rogers is a must when listing.