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Waterfront in Benton County AR

You’ll encounter waterfront options in Benton County, AR, so learn more now. You should start by looking through Zillow.com, which shows 175 properties available as of August 2023. You can find properties between $38K to $8M, with some of them only offering land to let you create the home you want. You’ll encounter multiple options, many near Beaver Lake, though you’ll find options near other water sources.

If you go through Dwellics.com, you’ll notice that the area offers multiple benefits, such as having occupational diversity, low natural disaster risks, and plenty of places for your family to enjoy. You can go swimming, and the area offers hiking trails and various country clubs, so you can enjoy what the site offers. The combination makes it great for many people, such as small families, retirees, and more.

If you want to discover a waterfront property that’ll make the most of your situation, you should let a broker like me help you. I’ll show you the different options, such as ones near the lake or others by creeks, so you can pick whichever option will be best for your situation. I’ll gladly take you on tours and help you see what the area offers. Contact me now to discover more waterfront options in the area.

  • Go through the waterfront options in Benton County, AR, by working with a real estate professional.