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Land for Sale Washington County AR

Where’s the best land for sale Washington County, AR, has available? You’ll be glad to know that there’s land available across the various communities of the county, including Fayetteville, Tontitown, Prairie Grove, Springdale, Lincoln, West Fork, and Farmington. Regardless of your plans for what you purchase, you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of options available!

According to redfin.com in March 2023, there are 375 land listings in Washington County. These range from a quarter-acre lot for $19,500 to a large lot of nearly 15 acres for $6.7 million. When purchasing a plot, you should consider the zoning laws and ordinances before jumping into a purchase. Be sure local rules and regulations will not have an impact on your plans for the property.

Why consider land investments? They’re the most secure form of investing in real estate! When you purchase land in a fast-growing market, you can develop it to your heart’s content, eventually reselling the developed plot for considerably more money than you paid for it. Appreciation rates and trends can work in your favor, making this a profitable move on your part!

An agent will tell you about all the ways that you could develop the land you purchase! You could simply keep it and retain it as the value increases over the years. It can be the place where you build your dream home, or a residential house to rent out to tenants. You could even construct business property and lease it to a corporate entity! Call today to learn more.

  • Land for sale in Washington County, AR, can be a good investment!